Time Matters

IV –

Ecological Time: natures that matter in activism and art

In the fourth and last seminar of Time Matters, we will look into natures that matter in art, science and activism.

Now – at a time when ecological catastrophes become ever more manifest and the term Anthropocene connects the symptoms of this crisis – it has become clear that modern culture has only ostensibly been cut off from the multifarious web of intimate relations we call nature. Perception is changed by knowledge and art, shifting what and how things touch and move us. Art makes sensible that the way we treat nature is also the way we treat each other, and subversively practices and presents different perspectives and relations, by interrupting conventionalized routines and tempos in order to attune to other lifeforms. Likewise, art relates to knowledge to evoke actions, alternatives and care.

For this seminar, Monique Peperkamp, PhD candidate at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis and researcher for the professorship Theory in the Arts, has invited artists Terike Haapoja and Daniela Paes Leão. Lectures will be given by Terike, about her work’s focus on existential and political boundaries and the exclusion of other species; by Monique, about natures and ecologies that matter in art, and by Daniela, who will also give a workshop. Daniela’s work has developed from a more personal and intimate practice to a more abstract and theoretical investigation of social issues and ultimately the umbrella subject of climate change.