Tuesday, 11 February, 2020


Ecological Time

“Above all, we surely don’t know how to think the relations between time and weather, temps and temps: a single French word for two seemingly disparate realities.”

Michel Serres

In times of ecological crisis, time itself seems to be out of joint. What could once be thought of as a linear concept, aimed at ever accelerating speed towards growth and progress, now seems to curl and twist into strangely interacting cycles and ever more complex feedback loops.

Facing the slow violence of environmental catastrophe, contemporary art and philosophy re-think the traditional temporal categories of past, present and future. In addition artists and thinkers imagine profoundly different temporalities than the human-scale ones we are used to. More than ever, reality appears as a vast timescape, in which things and species have their own time in a multi-temporality mesh.

Is art capable of fostering a deeply felt experience of ecological time? Joep Christenhusz, researcher for the Professorship Theory in the Arts, has invited composer, artist and performer Claudia Molitor and philosopher Rick Dolphijn to present their views on ecologically informed time matters.

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